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I'm Hanna, Happiness Designer to creative, passionate and intuitive mothers who desire to transforms their inner spark into a clear calling and discover who they truly are. They want to create their own unique happiness in order to bring their gift to the world as smoothly as possible. 


I know where you are at right now. You want to be a good mother to your children, but you don't want to lose yourself either. You know that you don't need to sacrifice yourself so that your children would be happy. You want to get clear about your calling and make your dream a reality.  


A happy mother
A happy family

For so long you have taken care of wants and needs of others. What about you? You want to be present for your children, but how can you truly do that when you don't know yourself anymore?

You are an awesome mother and I see you. You have done an amazing job. You want to raise your children to become vibrant and happy. And you know that it's you who show them how to do that.


Happiness Designer

at your service

How long has it been since the last time you asked yourself: What do I want? What do I need? Do I have dreams? Who am I? Who would I like to be?

You deserve to live your life to the fullest.

Now, it's time to sit down with yourself and get clear about where you are going and what is truly important for you. 

It's safe to be happy.

I have dedicated my life to helping women like you, intuitive and sensitive, but also fiercely passionate. It's your kind who will make a difference. You will show the way. It's who you are. 

But you need some help, right? 

The reason that I do what I do is because I believe you can combine the creator and the mother in you, so that you can live a meaningful and balanced life. Together, we will clarify your vision, remove all the obstacles and create the way back to You. 

You deserve to create You.

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Responsibly Happy

I have been where you are right now. I was the mother who had lost her spark. I have travelled the journey from snappy to happy by creating my own unique happiness. Now I want to help you to do the same.

Happiness on Purpose

8 week Coaching Program

1 week - Arrival - Assessment of Now

2 week - Designing a Clear Vision

3 week - Creating a Strong Foundation - Your Values

4 week - Goal Setting - Short & Long Term Goals

5 week - Hidden Time & Taking Consistent Action

6 week - Becoming Unstoppable - Clearing Fears and Doubts

7 week - Highlighting Your Strengths & Self Care

8 week - Review & Fine Tuning

You will have 4 personal coaching sessions with me (4 hours), message support in between sessions and self study material for the 8 topics. And to make your decision as safe as possible, you will also get a satisfaction guarantee.

Happiness Designer Hanna Puolakka has been helping for seven years female professionals in an unfulfilling career path to create clarity and confidence to follow their inner calling and pursue their dream career.


She founded her company Designing Realities Coaching in 2014. Working with children and teenagers as a French and English teacher for 15 years inspired her, in particular, to study and coach the human potential and to help people to see their strengths and go after their dreams.


She has also organized memorable events called Art of Eye Contact Helsinki where people came together to share eye contact in silence.  

"You have helped me to see my own hidden thought patterns. You guided my own inner wisdom to reveal my boldest dreams and limiting beliefs. You are super passionate about me and my journey, you know how to listen and you give me the support that I need to get to the next level. 

Thank you again for the sessions. This was huge. I've been so stuck for so long. You are a gift!"

Choreographer, 36

"You, Hanna, are not just a light. You are not just a bright light. For me, you have been A BOLT OF LIGHTNING. I go over to a job site and something FIVE DECADES old has shifted in an instant.  Something that has prevented me from making 5-10-20 million dollars already.

I still have a tremendous amount of integration, application, and grounding to do before this potential is fully realized/manifested, but the IMMENSE VALUE of your listening--of your deep self--is obvious."

Real-estate investor, 56

"I overcame my personal challenges with your help. I made changes in my life to achieve my goals. I discovered new strengths in me. Now, I dwell on the negative considerable less and I feel more grateful. The inner talk is more positive now. I have been on this self-development journey for twenty years now and Hanna is one of the most brilliant coaches there are.

Teacher, 45

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